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Specter Gear is known for many fine products, but what we're best known for is our tactical slings. It's what started our company in 2000 and remains a core product line for us. We currently have the most comprehensive selection of Tactical Slings in the industry with a stellar reputation for quality, durability and functionality. We've sold hundreds of thousands of Tactical Slings since 2000 and our slings are currently in use in every major theater of conflict world wide. When you purchase a Specter Gear Tactical Sling you know you're truly buying a combat tested and proven piece of gear.

Current COVID-19
National Insurrection Status
***** 06-06-20 Update *****

Regarding Covid-19, CCS Industries / Specter Gear is a Defense Industrial Base operation. Therefore, we are Federal Infrastructure Essential and are currently open, operating and intend to continue doing so throughout this crisis. Our staff is healthy and at their work stations. Of interest is the fact that none of our staff have contracted Covid-19. None of their family members have contracted Covid-19. And lastly, no staff member knows of any person in their personal orbit that has contracted Covid-19. You may have also noticed, as we have, that recently Covid-19 seems to have fallen out of the national discussion in favor of the state of national insurrection we are currently in.

This is a whole new challenge for us. We were deluged with orders following the outbreak of Covid-19 but this is a entirely different thing. With over 6 million firearms sold in the past 3 months, a legitimate threat to the republic and law enforcement overwhelmed with disturbances these are highly uncertain times and many are preparing to defend themselves and their communities. Therefore, we are still deluged with orders and still dealing with a number of material shortages that are causing some delays in shipping orders. We have added additional staff to deal with the increased operations level and are working with our materials vendors to expedite deliveries. For those that are currently awaiting delivery of their orders we thank you for your patience and are working hard to get your order to you as soon as possible.

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