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While we're calling this a "Fall Sale", you might want to consider this a quasi secret early Christmas Sale. Given potential material shortages on the near horizon and other supply chain issues within our industry, we're not 100% confident that we will be able to offer everything we currently offer 2 months from now. So if you've got your eye on some gear you might need in the immediate future, you might want to get on that fairly soon.

And to help you out with that, here are some of the excellent deals and discounts that we're currently offering:

25% OFF MOST Specter Gear Slings
20% OFF ALL Buttstock Ammo Carriers
25% OFF ALL Sling Combos
25% OFF ALL Belts
20% OFF ALL Modular Pouches
20% OFF ALL Chest Rigs
20% OFF ALL Belt Mounted Pouches
15% OFF ALL Thigh Rigs
10% OFF ALL Magpul & GG&G Products

As usual, your discount will be applied at checkout, so to see your discount simply drop the item into your shopping cart and click "View Cart" to see the discount.

In addition to this sale we will be running periodic "Flash Sales" on specially discounted slings and non-sling products such as pouches, carriers, etc.