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This is truly an unprecedented time in our history and is resulting in contingencies and situations that many of us have planned for but hoped would never happen. Unfortunately though, it is here and it is now. Unlike some bad actors in private industry, we retain our principles and respect for our customer base and refuse to use this situation to maximize profits (AKA: Price Gouging). In fact, we are going to do the opposite. We have chosen to extend our previous sale in order to extend your limited resources to get you the gear you might need for the lowest possible price.

So, here are some of the deals we are currently offering:

25% OFF ALL Specter Gear Slings
25% OFF ALL Buttstock Ammo Carriers
25% OFF ALL Sling Combos
25% OFF ALL Belts
20% OFF ALL Modular Pouches
20% OFF ALL Belt Mounted Pouches
15% OFF ALL Thigh Rigs
10% OFF ALL Magpul & GG&G Products

In addition to those savings, Special FLASH SALES will be continuing throughout this Special Emergency Sale.

As for the state of our operation, our staff is healthy, material supply lines are good for the moment and we will keep churning and burning until we get to the other side of this.

God bless, stay healthy and stay frosty.