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It was 20 years ago that we started this thing of ours. In those 20 years we’ve seen good times, bad times and everything in between. We’re fortunate to still have customers that date back to 2000 when we started out on the gunshow circuit. And we’re proud to report that we still have slings in service that were used in the opening days of both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. I could go on for hours reminiscing but let’s get to the important part; we made it 20 years and we want to celebrate! And, we want to share the celebration with our customers, past present and future. So, we're going to start off by showing our appreciation in the form of a big 20th anniversary super sale.

Here are some of the awesome deals we are offering:

25% OFF ALL Specter Gear Slings
25% OFF ALL Buttstock Ammo Carriers
25% OFF ALL Sling Combos
25% OFF ALL Belts
20% OFF ALL Modular Pouches
20% OFF ALL Belt Mounted Pouches
15% OFF ALL Thigh Rigs
10% OFF ALL Magpul & GG&G Products

In addition to those savings, random Special FLASH SALES will be popping up throughout this sale.